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For our products we use bamboo lamellas and veneers of natural color. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable and eco-friendly natural source; an adult bamboo plant grows in just 1.5—2 years. For the finishing of products we use the food-grade lacquer. The color of final product can change from piece to piece in palette of natural bamboo colors. Our craftsmen choose the color of raw bamboo material in order to give the unique aesthetic properties to every piece of product.

We use patinated bronze for all our products. Using special technique, the artisans create the pattern of antique bronze that suits very well to the main bamboo material.

Teak wood
Teak wood has the wonderful properties, such as aesthetical wood pattern, mold and bacteria resistance due to natural substances produced by teak tree itself, as well as longevity and water resistance. That is why teak wood is the perfect material for high-quality decorative products.

Suar wood
Suar tree is also known as Samanea saman, that originally was spread in South Mexico, Peru and Brazil, but now it is also spread in South-East Asia. This wood has good aesthetical properties, rich pattern and expressive texture.Suar wood is used for furniture and decorations.

Food and care limitations
All materials used for products in Dining section are of food grade. Don't wash products in the dishwashing machine. Don't heat products above 40 °C/104 °F. Don't store liquids in/on the products (short term usage with liquids is allowed).

Materials, food and care instructions. What is bamboo, bronze, teak wood and suar wood. How to take care of bamboo, bronze, teak wood and suar wood