WHOLESALE & CUSTOMIZATION of bamboo lamps, decor and tableware

We can produce all our products to order as well as fulfill the wholesale orders using the product from the stock. The productive capacity of our factories is more than 8,000 pieces per month. Also we can customize any model according to your needs and create unique design especially for you.

We carry out the wholesale orders under the following conditions:
— minimum order is 15 million indonesian rupees ($1000);
— get 25% off for order over 45 million indonesian rupees ($3000);
— 50% deposit payment, and the remaining 50% should be paid after quality control and before shipping;
— 1 to 2 weeks from deposit payment till shipping for orders that can be fulfilled from the stock;
— 30 to 90 days from deposit payment till shipping for orders that have to be produced on factory depending on the size of order as well as manufacturing schedule;
— when canceling an order, 25% of the order value is deducted, so we can refund only the half of deposit;
— the storage of the completed order in our warehouse is provided for not more than 60 days, after which we deduct a penalty of 50% of the order value (i.e. we deduct a 50% deposit and the full order itself).

We carry out the orders of customized products under the following conditions:
— manufacturing of product samples with customized size and/or design at retail price;
— number of pieces for one customized model at retail price is not limited, i.e. you can order just few pieces at retail price or make a wholesale order at wholesale price;
— you can provide your own design and order the manufacturing in our factory;
— for wholesale orders of customized products the same conditions are applicable as for wholesale orders of original models;
— we do not provide customized models to other buyers not in retail nor in wholesale, however if other customer will order customized model that is similar up to the extent of confusion with the previously ordered customized model, we'll produce it.

Please write to us for any questions.
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