MYRON decor

Myron decoration disks are designed to blend and match seamlessly with many other styles. Shapes of these handcrafted disks are perfectly smooth in order to catch the glances and hold them for relaxation of the mind and calming down the senses after the tough day. The bigger decoration disks are excellent as a centerpiece for the living room and the smaller ones are good as a pacifying object in the office or meeting room. Use Myron disk as a stand alone decoration or flank it with the paired figurines or plants.

Size S — 610 × 500 × 200 mm
Size M — 850 × 700 × 200 mm
Size L — 1040 × 900 × 250 mm
Size XL — 1200 × 1000 × 270 mm

About materials and care instructions read here.

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