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OBORRO HITAM table lamp

Oborro Hitam table lamp combines two contrasting properties — stability and dynamics, two contrasting shapes — cone and cylinder, two contrasting colors — hypnotic goldish and satin black, two materials — wood and metal, and two consistent purposes — to rise the style of your interior and to be the room's centerpiece. The design of this table lamp organically combines many oppositions, which means that you can easily find the endless ways to combine and use the Oborro Hitam table lamp in a variety of interior styles and environments. The black base of this table lamp has a rich texture, the patinated bronze creates a sense of time-tested perfection, and the bamboo lampshade has the lightness of an umbrella. All these features give you so many creative possibilities in home decoration! Use all of them in your interior effortlessly or give a gift to someone special.

Dimensions: 80 × 50 × 50 сm

Permitted power of the light source is 6 W.

About materials and care instructions read here.

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